About Ping & I

About Ping & I

So, its probably weird to many people that I quickly created this blog to talk about a disease I know almost nothing about, and one that effects my dog…..

But to those of you who know me, you probably dont find it shocking at all.  Ping and Deoji are my world.  If that sounds sad to you, I feel sorry for you.  To know the absolute unconditional love of a dog like Ping is bliss.   Ping was a dog who didnt trust anyone, and who felt completely abandoned.  I turned that around and he looks at me like I hung the Moon and the Stars.  Every single day of his life, he is happy as hell to see me.  We have a special bond that I cant explain, and really shouldnt need to.  If you know, you just know….

Ping is special to me.  I love all my dogs, but Ping….  you know theres that one dog in your life that is special?  Thats Ping.  When Ping came into my life, we were both so broken.  I leaned on him because I had so much love to offer and no one to give it to.  Ping leaned on me because he needed someome to love him. Ping is the dog that cuddles with me, and that listens to all the events of my day with a tilt of his head.  Deoji, my other Pug is my fun pug.  He is the one that likes to play and sit at the edge of the bed.  Ping is my cuddler and my confidant.  Ping is special to me… I dont know how else to say it.

Who I am isnt all that important.  My name is Deanna, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I am in the Technology Field.  I co-founded the Animal Beta Project, and work full time in the Casino industry.  I like to Crochet Amigurami and I am a fan of Electronic Cigarettes (Vaping).  I am single, and don’t have very many friends in Las Vegas.  I dont really have any one that I can lean on during this.  Vegas is a very transeient city; people come and people go.  Its difficult to make friends here that you connect with, and that stay.  This blog is my only outlet in dealing with this pain.

I am not an expert on this disease.  I only learned about it less than a week ago!  But if I type up the experiences that Ping is going through daily, and his behavior.. maybe I can help both of us deal with this. I created this blog because after Pings diagnosis of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, I found it hard to find real world stories of people helping thier dogs cope with it.  There are a lot of medical texts out there, but not many first person accounts. So, this is my attempt to hopefully help someone else out there cope with things as they are happening


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