Treating Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Treating Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

I consulted with my Veternarian and she said this was a good plan and that I should document my results (hence this blog….). Please consult with your veternarian on any treatment plan that you use that is outside the normal scope that they prescribe.  I am NOT a vet, nor an expert.

Ping is on the following treatment plan. Why am I using these combinations of pills?  I watched a video on youtube from a guy who works in the Health Food industry and he had amazing sucess with his dog.  He was able to get his dog BACK from Canine Cognitive Dysfunction with a combination of this.

  • Thundershirt:  I would have never thought to purchase a Thundershirt for Ping for CCD, but it came highly recommended.  it apparently gives the dog a sense of thier body; and curbs some of thier anxiety.  As of this post; this is Pings second day wearing the shirt, and Ive already seen an improvement.  He is more relaxed, and even sat with me in the chair and took a nap.  A nap with me in the chair was one of Pings favorite activities; but as his CCD put him into decline, Ping became more reclusive and wanted nothing to do with me.
  • Omega-3:  Ping will get 1 Omega 3 pill per day, in the morning. I bought the 500mg.  The Veternarian recommended 300mg for Pings weight (he weighs 24lbs) but I couldnt find 300mg, she said the 500mg would be fine.
  • Bacopa Extract: Ping will get 25 drops directly into his mouth (I use 1ml disposable syringes because he hates the way these liquids taste and thats the only way I can give these types of things to him)
  • Gotu Kola:  Ping will get 25 drops directly into his mouth (see the above).
  • Animal Apawthecary Hawthorn Plus: Ping gets 1ml twice a day. I use the syringes for this as well.
  • Vetri-Science Composure Liquid MAX: Doseage is on the bottle.
  • Anipryl:  Prescribed by the Veternarian.  Ping will get 1 5mg pill per day. I use a peice of cheese to wrap the pill up, it makes a nice treat for Ping after all the gross liquid hes just been forced 🙂

Ping’s treatment will begin on 12/28/15 when all his supplements arrive.  Currently as of 12/17/15 he only has the Thundershirt and Anipryl. Of course, I will update this blog with how things are going, I hope at least daily.

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